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 A little info and help?

Hi! ok i just fell inlove with rats and i am going to get some soon..i was wondering if i could keep 2 males 2gether? and what do they eat and not eat? basically it would be a big help if u could tell me everything u no about rats lol im a reptile (mostly lizard) chick and this will be my first rodent :) thanks bunches :)

10/30/09  09:44am


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 A little info and help?

Two males can generally live together if they are brothers raised together from birth. If you have females in the vicinity that can cause problems, though, as the scent of the females will trigger male competitive behavior..

10/30/09  10:13am


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 2089989

 A little info and help?

I always keep my males together. If you are going to introduce another rat to one that you currently have, get one that is much smaller than the one you already have, if it is a full grown adult. They will take to younger males invading their space easier than another adult (know this from experience), just introduce them to each other slowly and clean the existing cage very thoroughly. Rats are happier when there are more than one because they are very social animals.

Even if they are raised together or introduced later in life, you will have territorial disputes, these are unavoidable, they don’t usually get more than a few bites. The best way to minimize this is to give them a cage where they can move around and get away from each other if they need to, so they each have their own space. A guinea pig cage with hides and things to climb on work great for this.

In my opinion, it is better to have males than females because the males tend to prefer the attention that they get from you better than the females. The females have a lot more energy.

Good luck!

Chimp and Tobias

If you are going to use a guinea pig cage or something similar, I would suggest that you cover the cage in wire cloth, to they don’t get their heads stuck or get out.

Hope this helps, if you have anymore questions, let me know.

11/10/09  09:15am


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  Message To: OX   In reference to Message Id: 2093967

 A little info and help?

Heres a website with all the infomartion you need on rats (3 pages actually). Look under animals. Link

11/18/09  02:46am

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