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 Quick question

I am about to start breeding mice for my savi and was just wondering if I get 4 females and 1 male, should I keep the male in the cage with the females constantly or should I introduce the male to impregnate the females and then take him out till after the babies are born? I just don’t want the male to harm the females or babies after they are born.

08/22/09  09:08pm


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  Message To: DRW85   In reference to Message Id: 2062093

 Quick question

From what I read and from a little expericence you can leave the male in. A male shouldn’t harm his own but a mother could. I have had a problem with the mice getting pregnant so taking the male out could take longer.

08/22/09  11:20pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Bearded_dragon_0   In reference to Message Id: 2062149

 Quick question

In Mice, the male will actually help keep the babies warm.

If you have 4 sister females and an unrelated male in a large enough enclosure, there is usually less chance of Cannibalism. Sisters usually have set dominance and are less likely to attack one another. Great Balls o’ Fire mentions main stresses that cause mice to go cannibal in another post here.

Also, if one mouse is ill, the others will attack it and kill it. Its natures way of keeping the fittest around in a species that breeds fecundantly. (gross as it is)

08/23/09  10:40am

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