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 Yay or nay

Ive been thinking about starting to breed mice for my snakes, as feeder pricers have gone up. I’m not concerned about the room it takes or the commitment it takes, just the price and the expenses. So do you think breeding mice costs less than $36

03/06/09  06:40pm


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  Message To: Froggymadnes   In reference to Message Id: 1964215

 Yay or nay

50 pound bag of rodent lab block: about $40.00 at feed store
cuttlefish bone to gnaw on and for calcium: 20 cents at feed store
3.0 cu ft bale of bedding: about $8.50 at Ace Hardware
58 quart sterilite tub: about $7.00 at Walmart
water bottle: about $2.00 at Walmart
exercise wheel: about $6.00 at Petco; keeps them calm with amusing activity.
The photos are of my homemade setups, of which I have 17. I don’t know how many mice you will be needing or what size, so this is just a guide. The wire screen and small hardware to make the lids cost less than about $1.50 a foot for the 1/8 inch screen and a couple of dollars each for 100 piece nuts and machine screws and washers to attach the screen.

Basic mouse cage

Interior of mouse cage

Wire feeder to prevent waste of food from peeing and pooping on it. Saves a ton of money! Home made.
Last but not least, healthy young adult mice from at least two different sources: average cost about $2.50 each. A batch of sisters from one place and a male from another. You can improve potentially inbred stock by outbreeding. Once you have a second generation of outbred stock you should be all set for awhile. If the original stock you bought are prolific, keep them, if not feed them out.
I haven’t given a monthly expenditure as I am breeding a lot of mice, but a bag of blocks lasts for months. I go through bedding more.

03/07/09  11:39am


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 1964530

 Yay or nay

thanks man! Im getting a pair on monday, but maybe 2 females and 1 male instead of one pair.

03/07/09  03:32pm


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  Message To: Froggymadnes   In reference to Message Id: 1964623

 Yay or nay

For me it was cheap as I have had pet rats and mice before. But when I got more here are the prices:
Platic container - $6
Bag of bedding - $7
water bottle - $2
small bag of cat food - $4
mice - $1.79 ea
I used screen from some old windows. If you don’t have any try drilling a bunch of holes or buying some. That is as cheap as you could get it.

07/08/09  06:14am

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