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 Herp Lighting

Good morning all,

Please read all info objectively...

First, I’m re-posting a link posted in 2011 by a member. It is a pretty interesting site about UVB, UV, etc. I figure it was worth a re-post :). (although I don’t share many of the views from the site, it’s good for beginner and self-proclaimed trial and error experts though).

Second, please check out this justification publication on UVB usage I’m still digging through publications I had one from 2012, I just have to find the damn thing.

D.G.A.B Oonicx, Y. Stevens, and company.
"Effect of D3 Supplementation and UVB exposure on the growth and plasma concentration of vitamin D3 metabolites in juvenile bearded dragons.pogna vitticeps." Comparitive Biochemistry and Physiology, Part B. (2010)

As aforementioned they’re both good reads and it never hurts to read what the bio community has to say and the herp owners. In addition, much respect goes out to the DIY biologist as well. More stuff to come.

05/17/12  09:54am

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