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 UK vet?

Can anyone here recomend a reptile vet in the UK that is closest to sheffield as possible? Iím having some real tough tie searching for one thats close.

02/16/06  07:49pm


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  Message To: Winterborn   In reference to Message Id: 653250

 UK vet?

sorry dont now of any near sheffield have you tried contacting a local vet as they should be able to put in in contact with someone near you if not try calling Mr Vawer on 01243 377141 and ask him as he is the local reptile vet down near portsmouth and he may now of a vet near you


02/21/06  01:25pm


Miss Amie
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  Message To: Fatbloke   In reference to Message Id: 660400

 UK vet?


I use
Arncliffe Veterinary Centre
Telephone: 01709 760301
Address: 6 Doncaster Rd, Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham, S63 7AL

They have a reptile specialist

hope this helps

06/30/06  08:36am


Edward Howard
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  Message To: Miss Amie   In reference to Message Id: 859685

 UK vet?

fakebloke! do you know if that vet has any experience with turtles? only my baby map has a bad ear infection. i canít find anyonew who knows what they are doing, one vet wanted to just cut th lump of! with out noking the poor turtle out first!

07/09/06  02:26pm


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  Message To: Edward Howard   In reference to Message Id: 874870

 UK vet?

hey Edward Howard he does have loads of experiance i use him to.

08/26/06  12:10pm


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  Message To: Liam.b   In reference to Message Id: 957766

 UK vet?

the only one i know of is in sheen in surrey

03/21/07  12:01pm

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