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 Advice for a concerned iguana owner


I’ve chosen this section under the assumption that those that participate here know what they’re talking about. I’ve recently rescued 2 iguanas, and have been spending a lot of time studying how to take care of them. Sadly, things don’t seem to be going well, I’ve fed them good food, kept a schedule, provided fresh water daily, provided sufficient lighting, good cage and still things are getting worse. The male gets black when i’m around and behaves strange. A female which stays in my roommates cage used to be very friendly has now been showing signs similar to the males. Please, any advice would be great, because I am not the type of person to mistreat animals. This is sort of a last resort, so again, anything helps!

10/18/13  01:20am


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 Advice for a concerned iguana owner

how big are they?

I dont see many nice iguanas to be honest. lol I have seen them but not a lot of them.

I think with some handling everything will be alright.

where did you get them from?

when you say rescued what kind of house did they come from?

10/21/13  09:23am

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