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 I love my Philly Pa Vet

For 2 years I have had Horned mountain Dragons, and for one + I have had Geckos, Snakes, and a Frog
I drive 40 min to this guy, and he has always treated me with respect, and accepts new information, including a Print out of Froggie B’s Care Sheet For the MHDs that I brought for him
I bought 3 from a Pet Store and DID Quarenteen them for about 40 Days, and treatd them for all kinds of Parasites, but after they got in with my Troupe, they all Died of one thing or another (the 3) then My First Orriginal Dragon Died (of a returning Infection from an abscess in here eye socket from when she layed eggs last year)
Well let me tell you the most recent reason I love my Vet

Over the Christmas Holiday I had a neighbor caring for my Animals (all of them) WHen I came back, the Dragons did have Worms in their Dish, but very little water in the "Pond" but the Water in the Fogger was full, so they were not without water.
The Dragons looked Thin, and Dry, but 2 of them Survived. One of them Died, and they offered to replace it, but did not know where to get one.
The Geckos looked great, the Frog was looking god, and the snakes were in REALLY good shape (My Daughters Snake ate for them TWICE, mine was on a 3 week Hunger stike that he is now over)
Anyway, My Vet caled the house looking for me 4 times in the week and a half I was gone, just to talk to me about my animals, and to let me know how hard it can be to keep these guys alive, even when you DO do everything right. He was calling Mostly about the one with the bite on his hip that died, but also about the "Law of Averages" that happens with any colony of Animals
Froggie has talked a few times about loosing her little ones, and we all have lost adults new to our Fold, or from really Set in Infections.
He is just So supportive, I am lucky to have him
Thanks Dr Guilliford
Elizabeth (ecb)

Make this world a better and more beautiful place that You have been in it
*Edward W Bok*

01/06/05  08:14am


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  Message To: Ecb   In reference to Message Id: 214536

 I love my Philly Pa Vet

I seen that it takes you 40 minutes to get to the vet. I was wondering if you live near frackville or pottsville and if you knew any other vets around that area ,,, thanks

09/22/06  01:41am


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  Message To: Crazyaboutreptiles   In reference to Message Id: 992549

 I love my Philly Pa Vet

Can i get the address for this vet??? because i live by Atlantic city and i canít find any vets around here and thatís not too far of a drive.

03/17/07  09:36pm

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