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 Rostral Injuries

Hello Everyone! I’m new here but have been a snake owner for 3 years. My first guy I got as a humane society rescue. When he got to the humane society he had an inch thick scab on his nose and mouth rot. The vets there got the infection out and I adopted him with an open wound covering his nose. It has been three years and many vet visits, but i have finally got him healed. Then last week i adopted another red tailed boa with very similar issues. No infection with her, but a very deep nose wound.

So, here are some things i am wondering...
1) has anyone else dealt with severe rostral abrasions
2) i have noticed with both of them that after i started debriding the wounds and applying antibiotics that they started shedding about once a month. Is that normal?
3) is there any way to ensure that the nostrils heal opened and don’t seal over?
4) any advice on general care of these kinds of wounds?

01/29/08  03:55pm

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