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 Leopard gecko Sperm plug problem

Hey, My Leopard gecko seems to have his right side of his vent swollen and today there was a peice of something stuff stuck in his vent. After a little fighting with him i pulled it out and it turned out to be a sperm plug but there is still one side swollen. The otehr side was swollen before but he passed a marble sized white orb that now thinking about it might of been a sperm plug. He isn’t eating as good as i would like him to and i wanted to see if there was anything else i could do. Here is a crappy picture but there is a sore that devolped beecause of this.

Any suggestions?

01/29/08  11:21am


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  Message To: Setha   In reference to Message Id: 1599822

 Leopard gecko Sperm plug problem

I wouldn’t tamper with it but my only suggestion is to take it to a vet.That looks bad.I’m not good with geckos
though (I am relatively only good with anoles).Sorry I really have no suggestions other than that.I hope the vet can diagnose it.

02/14/08  09:32pm

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