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 ? about snakes around kids

I am having a problem with my ex claiming that I canít see my daughter(2yr) becuase it is unhealthy to have her at my place around my Burmese python and red tail boa(they stay in there tanks when she is around). So she doesnít even come into contact with them. She also says the same about my pet rat. I donít see any harm with a rat is it no different then a cat dog or hamster. (the ex doesnít like snakes or rats) what is your opinion?

12/12/07  12:15am


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  Message To: OutlawedKustomz   In reference to Message Id: 1543875

 ? about snakes around kids

i personaly think its good for kids to be in contact with animals like this
that way they are less likely to be scared of them

this is my boy with a corn snake

12/14/07  06:49pm


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  Message To: Brandy81   In reference to Message Id: 1546696

 ? about snakes around kids

WOW... thats all I can say... well your ex has absolutly no clue about what she is talking about!!! As long as your kids wash their hands after coming in contact with your pets their is no problem. I agree with the post above its great to have kids come in contact with snakes

01/05/08  02:58pm


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  Message To: Fletcher   In reference to Message Id: 1569465

 ? about snakes around kids

i have a 3 year old son that i gave my ball python to he holds it almost every day and is nicer to animals because of it.I also have an albino burm thats 9 ft long but i obviously dont let him around that one. im sorry to hear your ex is acting that way thats messed up but good luck

01/05/08  07:55pm

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