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 Help with ball python...*URGENT*

ok ive had my ball for about a month and a half and as far as i know there hasnt been any problems. she has been eating well and have not seen any problems until about a week and a half ago. after she shed i noticed on her tail that it seemed to be discolored (red, blackish). so i went out and bought this topical antiseptic called repti wound-healing aid by Zoo Med, and on the box it says "Use twice daily until you notice an improvemnt. If there is no improvment after one week, consult a reptile veterinarian.", well its been about a week and theres been no improvement and may even be getting worse, at the very tip it appears to be breaking off even and the scales about an inch up her tail are coming off. i know of a reptile vet about an hour away from where i live and i know that i absolutely have to get her in asap but i wanted to get some thoughts. please help.

and ill try to get some pictures to help out more. my description was pretty crappy.

05/04/07  02:45pm


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 Help with ball python...*URGENT*

here is a Link to Vets in your area... or call your local vets and ask if they see reptiles, and if the do, ask if they have experience... some will see a reptile and just do visual checks, etc...

05/09/07  02:27pm

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