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 Oh No!!!!

i think i have a slamander but then i looked and know i have no clue what i have! it has yellow stripes on a black back and a BLUE TAIL!
i was told it might be a blue tailed Skink but im not sure!

Can someone help me please!!!

Thank you all help is needed,
TJ Miller

08/18/04  9:18pm


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  Message To: Jabber   In reference to Message Id: 123034

 Oh No!!!!

its just what we call locally "a blue tail lizard" but I think the real name is streakfeild or somethign like that....I know what it is I see them all the time...

08/18/04  10:27pm


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  Message To: BoaBabe448   In reference to Message Id: 123113

 Oh No!!!!

maybie a fivelined skink

08/21/04  9:31pm


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  Message To: Reptilesrock55   In reference to Message Id: 125592

 Oh No!!!!

if it has a skin and not scales then its a salamander. also if you put it in water and it goes to the bottom or swims down you probly have a salamander.

09/19/04  10:18pm


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  Message To: MasterMind   In reference to Message Id: 145627

 Oh No!!!!

and it is called a blue tailed skink

10/10/04  4:25pm

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