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 Normal or morph bp

i was wondering if he was a normal with pretty coloring or a Morph. i got him for 50$, the breeder gave me 25$ off!!

ill have better pictures later

07/20/06  01:37am


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  Message To: Kytti   In reference to Message Id: 894407

 Normal or morph bp

normal. You arent gonna get a morph for under 300.

07/20/06  12:23pm


Ball pythonz
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  Message To: Petboy15   In reference to Message Id: 894875

 Normal or morph bp

looks like a normal with really nice colors, but i might be wrong.

07/21/06  11:55pm


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  Message To: Ball pythonz   In reference to Message Id: 898310

 Normal or morph bp

Wow thats a really nice looking Bp! But yeah it looks like a normal morph

07/31/06  03:00am


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  Message To: CaneBreak   In reference to Message Id: 914370

 Normal or morph bp

usually when bps are younger they have alot of that orange coloring in them but yea i thought the same about mine but i was wrong llolol


09/26/06  11:29pm


Tupac 4 life
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  Message To: Chugalug93   In reference to Message Id: 999001

 Normal or morph bp

you can get morphs for under 300 i se them at shows all the time dont recall the name of morph but theyre are ones under 300

10/08/06  02:20pm


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  Message To: Tupac 4 life   In reference to Message Id: 1014320

 Normal or morph bp

Yes of course there are ones under 300, most likely right now those are pastels, and the cheaper some of them get are typically babies that arenít as nicely colored as others that they have.

ES Tropicals

10/08/06  05:34pm


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 1014566

 Normal or morph bp

That looks like a Spider bp to me... not very common, breeder must not have known what they had xD

02/06/12  08:44pm

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