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Can any one help me indentify this type of gecko. I now that it is some type of dwarf, micro or sand gecko but not exactly sure so can any one help.

Any one.

06/09/06  12:31pm


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  Message To: Clmsanks   In reference to Message Id: 826331


It might be a desert banded gecko.

06/16/06  10:13am


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  Message To: Scaly-Man   In reference to Message Id: 835631


Yeah, I think it is too. I used to live in Arizona and me and my sister would catch them running up the walls and try to keep them as pets...

06/18/06  11:48pm


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  Message To: Zyph   In reference to Message Id: 839017


ya they look like the ones running all over my house i live in arizona and we probly have 100 of them that live on or in or around my house they are great they eat all the bugs

04/08/07  04:00pm


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  Message To: Gixxerkid   In reference to Message Id: 1238560


well it could be or it could be a Mediterranean gecko, there a Very invasive species and is found all over the southern states ranging from south Cali to Florida, i use to catch them all the time down in Florida, its best to wait until 2 am lol

08/22/07  11:17pm

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