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 Question on morphing/genetics

ok ive been reasearching herps, wild and captive, for a while now and i never quite understood how people managed to morph colors of some reptiles. can someone please explain to me about reptile genetics and morphing. i dont care how long the post is because im really curious about this. thanks

02/04/06  11:20pm


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 Question on morphing/genetics

Morphs are just animals that are changed genetically somehow, a genetic fluke which then turns out itself able to be reproduced genetically, in some cases not all I should say, most of the morphs out there came about from wild caught animals that just looked different than the rest, it just takes time to see if they will become something new genetically or not and it was just some sort of fluke.

ES Tropicals

03/03/06  10:05am

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