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The Almighty Lycan   Superworm123  

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The Almighty Lycan
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 Crested Gecko Breeding

Last night someone told me that if i wanted to start a breeding project, crested geckos would be good to start as it is almost impossible to fail at breeding them. I have not decided if i want to go for a high end morph or a mix of 2 different morphs so my question is:
do genetics work like a punnett square says it will? if so would it be safe to assume that mixing 2 different morphs will result in babies of both morohs with a chance of the morphs mixing? or is it better to keep the morphs pure?

02/25/16  07:38am


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  Message To: The Almighty Lycan   In reference to Message Id: 2317207

 Crested Gecko Breeding

Check if the morphs are dominant, recessive,or even codominant.

04/14/17  02:48pm

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