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 Sculptures anyone? :)

Hello hello,

Just sharing some sculptures. I absolutely love to work with clay. :D

This is Hubert. My 3rd Evil Tree. I absolutely love making evil vegitation, I have no idea why, lol.

This is a sculpture of someone being dragged to hell.

A mask I made in the form of Medusa(I made this one back when I was in highschool).

And my second Evil Tree which remains nameless since he was sculted back in highschool. This time its fighting a, what else?, an evil dragon, lol.

Back when Hubert was still being sculpted, haha.

Thanks for looking and please, share your work!! :)


07/12/09  02:05am


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  Message To: MikeIsEvil   In reference to Message Id: 2037956

 Sculptures anyone? :)

Well i could only find my T-Rex Scuplture :( But i added some drawings and some good pics i took
that’s art too yah know ;) BTW Hubert is really kewl and the epic battle with the dragon and tree is awesome :D

T-Rex that was painted to look similar kind of like a water dragon

A dragon drawing

another dragon drawing

humming bird out side my window

my adorable 3 month old Golden retriever puppy Zelda <3


08/21/09  12:11am

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