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Some more of my art work. Not only drawings, but also ceramics. I love ceramics...:)


Dont forget to post some of yours! :D

This is a Smooth Snake hatching from its egg:

This is a Green Mamba:

This is a ceramic piece I made a few years ago in school, its a snake and spider on a dagger:

This is a ceramic mask I made last year in school, Medusa of course:

This is a Birdhouse I painted because I didnt like it brown and boring(Nightmare Before Christmas themes..:P)...Lol:

Mind as well get a BP in here, this is Jynx:

Dont like this one very much, but its a snake coiled around a bowl(more ceramics..Lol)

Some jewelry I made. Sawing metal is fun I guess..Lol..:

Glass work. I wont tell you how many times Ive cut myself making this. Lmao:

And another drawing piece. It was inpspired by the Freddy Vs. Jason DVD cover..Lol:

And...Last but not least, the "artist"...Lmao...:D

Thanks for looking!!


08/29/08  11:36pm


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  Message To: ThatGuyImTheShadows   In reference to Message Id: 1846684


wow, your work is amazing!!!!
very talented!!!!

09/01/08  11:45am


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  Message To: XxxShoc+Collarxxx   In reference to Message Id: 1848607


love your work

09/03/08  05:00pm


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  Message To: Blu   In reference to Message Id: 1850614


Thanks guys!! :D


09/04/08  03:55am

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