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 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen)

i got bored at school so i drew this at my 7th period...

well thats it...ill post some more of my art some other time

hope you enjoy


12/17/07  11:19pm


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  Message To: Cacho_the_tegu   In reference to Message Id: 1549834

 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen)

That would be a really cool tattoo.

01/12/08  08:21pm


Raul the Gecko
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  Message To: Merissa   In reference to Message Id: 1576689

 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen)

Wow. I bet you and all your little friends think that’s cool. wow.

01/17/08  11:34am


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  Message To: Raul the Gecko   In reference to Message Id: 1582108

 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen) u r so fun raul!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously shut up. it is cool and fun to do. if you dont like art or tattoo’s then why r u on this forum. so shut up or get out! and merissa it would make any awesome tattoo when i get older i want to get one of it maybe on my shoulder!

02/10/08  11:47pm


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  Message To: Cacho_the_tegu   In reference to Message Id: 1619011

 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen)

hey Cacho, hows ur tegu? bet he’s huge now! anyway, the pics didn’t show up on my computer monitor, but wtva. i love to draw, and school is one of the best places! lol especially social studies. ha, the teacher is soooo oblivious! but yah, i’ll have to post some of my pics...i think i deleted all of mine off my photo server cuz i had no more room, but i’ll try to get some new up to date ones soon!

02/18/08  07:24pm


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  Message To: Inferno14   In reference to Message Id: 1628838

 Eh...some hand art(ball point pen)

that looks awesome :) dont listen to raul he has been a douche on almost all these posts jus ignore him he is trying to get attention

04/17/12  08:29pm

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