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 Tongue splitting???

anybody on here heard of that??
I have! does anybody know where you can get it done???????????????

09/18/07  11:39pm


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  Message To: Reptilelvr   In reference to Message Id: 1448813

 Tongue splitting???

The tongue split downt the middle right? I think its a little over kill and you end up losing taste buds and it takes a while to heal and all that not to mention the risks of infections. But you would have to go to some type of surgeon for it. I don’t think any tattoo artist or body piercer can do it. All though thats what it is associated with. You have to find a speciallist just like getting the silicone implants in your face. I will stick to tats and piercings thanks very much!

09/20/07  08:34pm


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1451055

 Tongue splitting???

I’ve herd of it and it sounds painful sense the tongue is a muscle. I would still rather do it offer a tongue piercing one of the many downfalls of having it split is that sometimes when it heals it will go back to normal.

10/01/07  05:35pm


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  Message To: Merissa   In reference to Message Id: 1464362

 Tongue splitting???

it costs$$$ cos you need to have it donw with a lazer. if simply cut with a knife, the bleeding with not stp and your probably die. also it could heal wrong. so if cut with a knife the tonge will heal back together bit it might not be strait. and u will havea big scar.
a lazer stops most bleeding. and wont heal togehter.

10/05/07  01:24pm


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  Message To: Jawstheme   In reference to Message Id: 1468340

 Tongue splitting???

My friend is a piercer and i have friends that have plenty of crazy things done to themselves... One of my friends is into all that BME stuff and he split his own tongue. He licked a scalpole like if it was candy. Crazy if you ask me. Piercers are able to split tongues not just a surgeons. I was going to do it myself but i chickened out. Since i didn’t split my tongue, i stretched my nostrils to a 2 gauge. Check out some of my piercings...
- industrial
- snake bites
- 1in ears
- 2 gauge nose
- tongue
- frenum
= 10 piercings

05/23/08  01:18am

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