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 Advice for Feeding Texas Rat Snake/New Snake owner.

Hi friends!
I’m new to snake keeping but I just wanted to make sure if I’ve been feeding my snake correctly. He was surrendered to my pet store I work at several months ago so we think he’s about 3 1/2 years old, I recently measured him and he’s about 5’5. Prior to adopting him I had researched how much to feed him and the general answer was to feed him once a week 1/2 mice a week (the previous family fed him once a month since he was a young snake so I’m not sure switching him over weekly has been the best idea). I’ve been feeding him 3 adult mice weekly and he usually poops within 2 days (hopefully thats fine and that I’m not over feeding him) Thanks! Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated :)

08/10/16  12:05am


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 Advice for Feeding Texas Rat Snake/New Snake owner.

If hes that large, he should be on like med. rats every 2 weeks imo. I’d for sure go with mice. Easier to feed one suitable size prey vs more of smaller prey.
I have a close to 6foot albino, male red rat and he was about 3 feet when I got him at a local show. Apparently he’d never been fed rats. Of course as he got bigger, big enough for a smaller med rat, he just killed super fast, like mice and then sniffed around, put his mouth on it, then that was it. Wouldn’t look at another one and he’s a snake that would eat mice everyday! So awesome feeder, but must be mice.
So I’d try an appropriate size rat, preferably dead. If he does refuse, which I doubt, then do your mouse deal. A couple a week or so. BTW, Texas rats are 1 of my faves of all and they can be aggressive for sure, but like all animals they all have different personalities.

04/21/17  07:05am

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