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Zaccaryus   Cphill58  

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 Transpecos eating

My Trans-pecos has not eaten in about 5 weeks. Every week I either offer small f/th or live rat-pups. He usually eats at least two rat pups /week at least. His eneregy level is still really high. He seems in ok weight.worried. Thanks for any help-

08/17/15  04:19pm


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  Message To: Zaccaryus   In reference to Message Id: 2314600

 Transpecos eating

Occasionally snakes just go into a fast and you have to wait patiently... My Kings and corns and even my 11 foot RETIC will just suddenly stop eating for 45-60 days ...especially if they are anxious to find a Mate in the early spring. One king does a weird hunger strike in July - Sept... but not every year. Just whenever.

Be patient and let him get a little hungrier. When you walk by and he strikes the glass he is ready. Then double down the food items. until he gets back on track.


08/29/15  05:57pm

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