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FearlessFox   Cphill58  

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 Keep two rat snakes together?

Hi I recently was given two rat snakes ,as of now they are in separate tanks. I have seen alot of conflicting answers. I have other snakes but i’ve never had rats. I have kept 2 ball pythons and a red-tailed boa together for ten years (males at that) and never had any problem they dont get fed in the tank. They are the same size ,though I don’t know thier genders (i hope to find out this weekend though).
I can keep them separate i asking because now i have snakes on all available surfaces😓.
Any information is welcome.

Btw I have 2 carpet pythons , a hog nose , and milk snake. The ball pythons and boa are with my parents.

08/10/15  04:35pm


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  Message To: FearlessFox   In reference to Message Id: 2314525

 Keep two rat snakes together?

I house several corns together... and bull snakes also. But never the kings

I keep my boa separate from the retic... and the kitten away from all of them.

wish I had a rat snake or 2 .... good luck

08/10/15  07:39pm

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