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 Beauty Snake

At the time of writing this 7/17/2014:

I’m having quite a hard time finding CB/CBB 2014 beauty snakes.

Any of these:

Orthriophis taeniurus ssp.
Orthriophis taeniurus callicyanous
Orthriophis taeniurus mocquardi
Orthriophis taeniurus friesei

Just not cave or china.

I’ve contacted round about every shop in northern Illinois: nothing. I’ve seen them for sale from DTS herp, but after the BOI thread I’m choosing to not buy from them.

Does anyone know of any breeders, local to Illinois is best, but at this point anything will do.

And have they stopped being exported? It seems like there has to be a reason why they’re just not available anymore.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

07/17/14  12:01pm

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