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 Rhino rat snake!

I just wanted to say I picked up a rhino rat hatchling a couple days ago. Other than having to force feed him for like another year. I love him not shy at all always on his perch he made out or the plastic plant I have. But I do have a question I own a 18x18x18 Exo terra. Def want a bigger one when he’s older But the breeder I got him from says a heat pad is the best for this snake. But he’s never on the ground so should I get a dome lamp? Or will the heat pad be enough I use Cyprus mixed with moss for the substrate and pour a little water on the heat pad for humidity. But I just feel since he’s never on the ground I should get a lamp

10/28/13  09:07pm


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  Message To: Nkeohane12   In reference to Message Id: 2301979

 Rhino rat snake!

Awesome. Pics?

11/19/13  02:16pm

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