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 Rat snake questions

I have 2 rat snakes. Ssslither who is almost 2 yrs old, and Checkers who is about a year old. I’m guesstimating based on size they were when I caught them. I kept them separated when I caught Checkers, to tame her(i think), and then once she was calm and handle-able I tested the 2 snakes about being together in the large enclosure. They actually did great!! They have been happy and content ever since. My questions are:
1. Ssslither has gradually tapered his(i think) eating times further and further apart, but now it’s been almost 2 months and he wont eat-I try to feed him each week, and he’s just not interested. He otherwise acts normal, energetic and curious as usual. He has healthy appearance and coloring too. Any idea if this is just "hibernating" kind of thing or is something wrong?
2. Checkers has been eating well, but is going on 2 weeks herself now since she last ate. My concern about her is that she has a few scales above her right eye that are dry, no bugs, seemingly no discomfort. Wondering if this is due to weather changes or something else that needs treatment? Otherwise her scales all look healthy and colorful as usual, and she is acting normally. Every time she has shed, it’s been without issue. I keep their enclosure at at least 50-60% humidity unless shedding, then higher in the 70% area, and their enclosure temp about 76-83F depending on the house temp. They have a heater under one area of the tank to help with warmth and humidity as their water bowl is near it too.
They both spend a lot of time on the "balcony" of their enclosure. It is a platform only.

Thank you for any input you may have. I didn’t have any luck looking up info about this.

01/16/13  11:17am


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  Message To: Mamaibarra   In reference to Message Id: 2289760

 Rat snake questions

And this is why you DO NOT, unless breeding, EVER house snakes together! You spoke of some health issues which can easily be passed on to the other snake in cage. And again they are solitary animals. And yes, feeding can also be an issue.
I’ll never get how many people ask this question after already doing it. Please people, do your homework.

04/21/17  07:45am

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