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Pipebomb   Sandboaking  

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 Rat and corn sanke

i have a rat and corn snake that live in seprate tanks. i just got my rat snake. they both seem to want to be in the same tank together the other day i was cleaning out their water bowls and bam my rat snake slithered over and in to rexs tank my corn and seemed to not want to leave each other witch strukes me as waird sence there both male snakes sence then they both want to be together all the time when seprated they sleep all day and look deprest when together there happy and slithering around. right now there in the tank sleeping together. what i want to know is it save for them to be together in the same tank

08/16/12  06:37pm


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 Rat and corn sanke

That sounds odd... but I’d say as long as they’re about the same size and you feed them separately, you should be fine. And actually corns are a type of rat snake called the red rat, so they’re really both rat snakes.

09/21/12  10:40pm

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