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 My first rat snake!!! (Everglades)

So i just brought home my baby everglades rat snake. I have 3 Colombian boas and 3 ball pythons but this is my first rat. Just wanted to introduce myself as i will be in this forum quite often. Also i wanted a opinion or two about handing them while they’re so small and delicate. Is it best not to handle them too much while they’re tiny? Ill put up some pics!

01/09/12  08:07pm


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  Message To: LRiley   In reference to Message Id: 2250424

 My first rat snake!!! (Everglades)

please get some pics up of him as soon as you can!!
this is psycho my everglade rat snake

i got him jan last year, he was just a little noodle, weighed only 9 grams!! when they are that small they are very sketchy, dont want to be handled or even seen much. start by holding him for a minute or two a day and gradually go longer and longer. you are going to get bit! its just the way it is, it doesnt hurt at all until about 8 months old, by then they are big enough to draw blood. psycho bit me every day for about 8-9 months but then one day it was like he realized there is no sence biting me and just stopped, its like he is broken. now he is the nicest snake almost so nice that i may need to rename him. if you have any questions please feel free to message me or just post im on here all the time, and please get some pics up as soon as you can, i love these guys.

02/02/12  02:50pm


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2253710

 My first rat snake!!! (Everglades)


12/02/12  12:46am


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  Message To: Cceverready9   In reference to Message Id: 2286880

 My first rat snake!!! (Everglades)

Lol babies can be a handful. If you work with it often, it’ll be an awesome snake later.

01/02/13  04:44pm

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