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 Catching/Holding Wild Rat snakes

I live in Central Texas. I’ve got snake problems, AND rat problems. I raise birds (Quail, pigeons, chickens) and the Rats come for the wasted grain.. the snakes come for the rats AND for the birds. But they seem to prefer in the following order: 1) young baby birds in their nests 2) young birds just out of their nests 3) eggs in the next before they hatch 4) rats. I’m guessing that during that time of year that the young birds are far easier for them to catch/kill/eat then the rats who make them work a bit harder and have some sharper defensive weapons...

I have so many snakes and they are so aggressive that I can’t raise any babies after the first week or two of March... the snakes basically take them all. I hate to kill the snakes because then the rats take over .. during the non-baby raising part of the year they really help me manage rat problems.

So - leads me to my question : If I were to trap wild Rat Snakes, could I realistically hold them over (keep them alive) in some sort of cage or enclosure for a month or so (two months max) then turn them loose after I’ve gotten the babies weaned and able to fly and defend themselves from the snakes? If so - how would you keep them? Any problems keeping them together in the same cage? Most of the snakes large enough to wreak havoc on the birds are pretty large (5 feet plus). Is this a silly pipe dream?

I’ve invested alot of time/money in these birds - so yes I’ve got some of the breeder pens to be both rat and snake proof, and I’m always working to make the lofts more snake and critterproof, but I wanted to explore this possible alternative to destroying the snakes.

Wanted to check with some experts..

05/29/11  05:15pm


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 Catching/Holding Wild Rat snakes

im no "expert" but i own a few snakes one of them is a rat snake, id say no you cant catch a bunch of snakes and keep them all in the same whatever for 2 months. alot of people on these forums buy 2 snakes and ask if they can keep them together and the answers always pour back in no, my rat snake is a prick as are most and if you lock two pricks in the same room with each other they end up fighting right? well 2 snakes would end up 1 fat snake. its a shame because i get your issues, you understand they help you but they also hurt you at certain times and you want their help but cant afford the loss they create for you. im glad your not killing the snakes, maybe try relocation and rat traps.good luck

06/04/11  01:20pm

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