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Pyra   Gillybean000  
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 Please Help

My WC Black Rat Snake is losse in my house.. hes 3 ft. Its been 2 weeks.. Should I give up hope? and where in the house would he go?.. I set up a heat rock inside a shoe box for him.. I have been checking it the past 3 days. no luck.. I used the same shoe box as a hide in his cage. Its fall here so the house is cold and the heat isn’t on yet. So what should I do? any tips would be helpfull

- thanxs

10/07/10  03:25am


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 Please Help

I lost my snake yesterday and turned my house upside down. I called up the RSPCA The man i spoke to said he had lost his for 5-6 months he turned up on top of his tank one morning, they can live on spiders flys and other little bugs in your house, the pet shop also said they had one go missing for nearly a year she came back looking more healthy than before she escaped so not to worry. just inform your neighbours what has gone missing as they can pass house to house, leave out some little beds in the courners on your rooms with a pinkie or whatever your snake is eating and he’ll turn up when he’s ready, also leave out little pots of water.
They arnt as daft as we may think they are vety clever animals so chances are he will be just fine :) way to cold for him to go out so if he dose get close to getting outside he wont
I hope he turns up best of luck

11/21/10  02:35pm

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