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 Interested In getting a Japanese Rat

Hello everyone.. I’ve been looking to get a Japanese Rat Snake for a while... I’ve never owned one before, nor any snake, however I enjoy the research and have gotten to know a couple Japanese Rats (and plenty of other snakes and lizards as well) and in talking with the owners and getting mostly behavioral information from them, I’m not worried about raising one.. I know they can be a bit more to handle than corn snakes but not terribly difficult... the main problems are getting them to eat and they can get spooked easier. I was wondering if you could help me with some other useful facts such as:

1) on average, what is their lifespan? I’ve seen all across the board from 15 to 25.. what’s most common?

2) I have a 25 gallon tank that I used to keep carnivorous plants in until I moved and they uprooted from stress. It’s about 2 ft long and about 1 ft wide.. pretty tall.. it has kind of a dome frontal view.. Considering they in particular can get up to 7 feet, is that a little small? I’ve been reading that that’s an acceptable size, but it seems quite a bit cramped to me. Also, any recommended lids? mine has a flip top, like for fish, so I’d definitely have to get a new lid no matter what.. it’s just a matter of if I should get a whole new tank and what dimensions.

3) Any good tips for a possible finicky eater?

If anyone could direct me to a good website for them that would be great.. I haven’t been able to find anything particularly informational aside from what I already know. Just any general information or tips on housing and feeding and hand taming would be awesome. I plan to get one as young as possible.

08/07/10  12:32am

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