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 Any advice?

I have recently caught a black rat snake and would like some advice on care,housing,feeding,and handling.It is about one and a half feet long and I have it in a 10 gallon with cypress mulch and a cave on the hot side and large water bowl on the cold side that he can soak in and hide under.any advice would be appreciated.

02/25/10  05:56pm


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 Any advice?

Take him off the cypress. I own and have owned lots of black rat snakes, and they normally don’t do good on cypress. Some brands of cypress may not put it on the package, but the mulch can have pesticides and other chemicals that can kill your snake. I have had this happen, so no more mulch for me.

If you want a bedding, use aspen. If looks aren’t important, newspaper seems to be the best. They have always done well for me on newspaper.

If it doesn’t eat, slow down the handling.

If you have any direct questions, you can e-mail me at crotalusfan @

Hoe this helps,

02/26/10  09:18pm

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