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 Opening his mouth?

Sounds like he could be sick or it could just be some weird rat snake thing, I’m not sure. My friend’s black rat snake has been opening his mouth recently, sort of like he’s yawning, or adjusting his jaw back as he would after finishing eating. Supposedly he’s made some strange noise in the past, and to my knowledge it’s only happened twice. The first time he spit something up. Wasn’t regurgitated food, and I didn’t actually see it so I couldn’t describe it other than vomit. He HAS been deficating regularly. I don’t think it’s an RI from when I looked at his mouth when I was watching him open it, it doesn’t seem like he’s having trouble breathing and with the exception of his random stretching escapades he doesn’t hold his mouth open to breathe or anything. He isn’t fed in his cage either, he’s either hand fed or fed in a box depending on if it’s live or frozen prey (depending on what’s more readily available) Any advice is welcome, I’d rather not take him to the vet but will if necessary.

Thanks in advance,

01/18/10  10:45pm


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 Opening his mouth?

The best thing you could do is take him to the vet.
I’ve noticed with my kingsnake that she yawns after she eats, but no discharge comes up.
Sounds like an RI, try listening to its breath.
But the best thing you could do is take it to the vet.

01/21/10  08:46am

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