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 Zaocys dhumnades

To everybody here.

I have 4 Zaocys dhumnades who were born in August 2008. Since there are 2.2 I keep the males together, the females together. If it is true what I found in articles are females until the age of 5 years of puberty. I will probably move in May / June. There I had then a large room available in I want to install two bigger terrariums. Both Identical or at least similar.
Now to my question.
As the fastest Zaocys dhumnades snake is here in Taiwan, I am not sure about the sice. Zaocys dhumnades become up to 2.20 m in length, but rather slim.My are at the moment between 85cm -120cm long . The females are longer than the males.
I wanted to set them with many branches, lots off hiding places a water part.
What do you think what size would be good for them. Because they are not particularly high by 1.20 m rather climb, I can perhaps two stacked building. The room is high enouth.When the females are sexually mature, I wanted to keep them in pairs, but until then grow up to be separated.

Thanks for your help

01/07/10  09:49pm

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