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 Tai Beauty

Hi all,
Haven’t posted here for quite a while, but I thought I’d share my latest happening with you.
Had seen that our local snake shop had changed hands and as we needed some more food for our ’little boy’, went in to make enquiries. Told them I wanted/needed the biggest rats he had as ’Rex’ (his name) had grown quite considerably. He was VERY sceptical about us having a Tai that needed monster rats, and frankly said it was impossible for ours to be over 9ft in length. Man, the dealer nearly crapped himself when we took him in to show him, (he said that all the Tais he had ever seen were very nervous snakes and bit all the time). He got us our monster rats straight away.

Rex is huge, difficult to measure I’m sure you’ll agree and very good girth, will post up some pics when I can be bothered to take some.

all the best


12/29/09  07:57am

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