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 Breeding Leucistic Rat Snakes?

Hey all; mostly a lurker around here, got a question finally.

I’ve got a male leucistic rat snake who I’ve been told time and time again would be a great snake to breed - he’s a big boy (just over six feet long!), has the sweetest and mildest temperament, yet maintains a great deal of activity and curiosity (and a REAL healthy appetite, haha.)

Now, two catches - one, the only breeding I’m remotely knowledgeable with is betta fish. I have no idea what it entails with snakes. Obviously I’d learn, but this is where the second questions becomes more important.

Catch two - Apophis (that’s his name) is 80% blind. He came to me through a rescue; showed up in a young lady’s garage one day and the exterminator she called went "Whoa!" and passed the snake onto a friend of his at a Nature Center, where I fell in love with him and consequently adopted him.

We have no idea where he came from prior to any of this, and thus no idea whether or not his vision problems are the result of a birth defect or an injury. My gut feeling is that it’s injury-related; there’s slight indentations and marks on his head that just don’t appear normal, leading me to think he may have been struck by something (possibly a frightened homeowner with a broom while he was out and about), bitten, or anything along those lines. I’m no vet and the vet who’s examined him can’t conclusively tell either.

So what do you guys think - would it be worth it in the long run for me to attempt to breed this guy? I’m more than willing to learn every last little thing I can and put my all into the parents and the babies, BUT if it’s going to be hard to find homes for the little ones then I don’t want to risk it. (I’d only be able to keep one at the most.)

11/22/09  01:14pm


Nick and his geckos
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  Message To: WarszawaScream   In reference to Message Id: 2097660

 Breeding Leucistic Rat Snakes?

I would deffinantly try, and see if the babie are also partialy blind. if they are, then dont breed anymore, because no one wants "bad genetics" to entered into the rat snake trade. but if they arent partialy blind, then go ahead and breed him to a nice lucy female.

I just got on the rat snake forum, and from the looks of it it seems dead. i came on here because i just caught a texas rat snake, and im planning on keeping it for a while to make sure its healthy, and will release it after winter.

11/29/09  12:27am

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