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LeeSmith88   Sandboaking  

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 ? About a Woma.

So this will be my first snake and I hear there are pretty good to start with. I like BP but I prefer something a little different. Basically I would like to know if it is okay to handle them a lot. Also if they move really fast all the time. EX: I was playing RISK the other night at a friends and his BP sat around my neck for about an hour. I know how to keep the temp and humidity good cause I own a Uromastyx so I can learn pretty well. Im not going to throw the poor thing in a tub and call it a home for the rest of its life. (Sorry, it irritates me when people do that with ANY reptile). I live in Tennessee so if anyone knows of a good breeder please PM me.

Any information would be great! If this isnt the type of snake I can take out and play with or chill with it on the couch while doing my studies then please tell me cause I have read a lot of back and forth on this snake and I trust you guys here. I have had my Uromastyx since i was 16 and im 24 now and have ALWAYS came here for help.

08/19/12  09:45pm


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  Message To: LeeSmith88   In reference to Message Id: 2277308

 ? About a Woma.

Hi, I don’t personally own one, but I’ve gotten good reviews. I’d say they sound pretty tame, but that varies stake to snake. For example, you’ll read about sand boas being gentle, but in my experience they’re either really nice or really aggressive, you just never know. Good luck with your decision!

09/27/12  05:31pm

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