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 Deciding on a new snake

I have a bp right now that I’ve had for a year and shes a year and a half old. She’s awesome and full of personality, but she’s still a ball python, they don’t really do a whole lot unless I’m up at like 2 am.

So I’ve been trying to think of a snake that might be more active during the day, and even if thats not the case, atleast one that will be visible, like a boa or carpet python or something.

I also want something just a bit bigger than a bp, thats why hogg island boas or ij/jungle/bredli carpets are what Im trying to decide from right now. I just wanted to hear more suggestions maybe theres some cool snakes that just aren’t crossing my mind.

I do have quite a bit of reptile experience, I’ve had bps, a cham, a beardie(just lot due to old age:( ), and a sav monitor, so I don’t really need a "begginers" snake

any suggestions/pics would be great:) thanks

02/06/11  07:26pm


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 Deciding on a new snake

Also, I’ve wanted an albino burmese for as long as I can remember,
But my mom(I’m 17) is scared to have one because of our cat.
So I was wondering how big a male would get or how fast it would grow.
I may be able to talk her into if it was like 10 or 11 feet and fed large rats or something.

I know bob clark males would be somewhere around thhat range but I might have misheard

02/06/11  07:45pm


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 Deciding on a new snake

if your looking 10 or 11 feet the burm is not a snake for you. burms are awesome, temperment, feeding response, growth rate, color, thats why they are so popular. but most of time when people buy them they dont think of what battle they are getting themselves into. they are cute when little and affordable but 15+ is not going to be manageable for you to handle alone. remeber for each 6 feet of snake = one man. otherwise i would have my lavender albino retic. its inportant to have proper husbandry but also proper handling when dealing with all reptile. for the snake and your safety. i love snakes as much as the next person but i also know when to not give into impulses because you not only impact your life but the animals life. and if you are a true reptile lover you will respect and understand where im coming from. im not questioning your ability to provide for the animal but concerned another orphan burm( or retic)

A Dumerils boa is a heavy thick snake but in the 6-9 foot range( if my memory seves me right) but can upwards of 20-30 pounds

a carpet python would also be good snake too and more active than a ball( but not a coastal carpet for they can get 10-14 feet i believe irian jaya carpets are smaller like 6-8 foot range)

good luck but make sure that the animal doesnt suffer in the long run


02/18/11  12:12pm

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