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 Carpet python with retained eye cap. Problem!

So my 3.5 ft jungle carpet shed, and one eye cap remains on the snake. It was my fault, I completely just did not up the humidity like I normally do for his shed process. Anyways, I still mist his cage everyday and monitor it with a gauge. He is still very head shy, and it is nearly impossible to keep him from moving while I try to remove the eye cap gently with a cotton swab after I bath him in water for about half hour. My question is should I make another attempt at removing the eye cap with the cotton swab again or should I wait for him to shed and hopefully it will come off with the next shed?(Don’t know how accurate that statement is since I heard it from a guy on youtube). Or I also read about people who have used tape to remove. Please give me some advice guys! Thanks.

01/06/11  08:15pm


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 Carpet python with retained eye cap. Problem!

2 drops of mineral oil daily ...constant baths 2x a day..and when it sheds again it should come off...or sooner. Raise the humidity by misting. Or adding a bark type substrate that retains moisture...even wet towels to the enclosure. Change the towels frequently to stop mildew from growing...every 3 days


01/12/11  09:19am

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