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 Experiences with wild Afrocks

Hey its been a few years i think since i last visited the site or uploaded sumthing. Thought id uplod sum pics, but cant remember which pics i uploaded already. Here it is anyway
First 2 pics i know i uploaded a while back but i thought its worth uploading again for new forum members. its a large pyhton i photographed a few years ago. It was basking in the sun on the side of a pool of water. the white bag is about a meter long ( bags used to put maize in). i have a small video clip also. just too bad for the poor quality photos

images below is a python i caught and photographed and i released it again. he`s about 2meters long

This is ufortunately a dead 1 i found, suspect it was killed by the farm workers, i measured the spine and it was about 14 feet.

i cleaned the has sum nasty teeth

lower jaw

A nest with about 50 young snakes of bout week old

Shedded skin i found near the nest. it was fairly big.thats a adult rottweiler

And heres my 2 babies. The rock python was wild the time i didnt knew it can be released back into the wild. saved it from a farm worker. on the photo his about 1year old. the boa was 2 years old

12/14/10  01:37pm


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 Experiences with wild Afrocks

Oh and i live in South Africa for those wondering

12/14/10  01:39pm

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