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 Check it new snake made the news!

Check out the link...

We ended up with the poor thing after the hunters turned her over to another guy who couldn’t handle her. We got her now and she is being treated with antibiotics and lots of warm baths to get stuck shed off of her. She hisses like crazy but hasn’t struck at us as of yet! :) We were told that she wasn’t hurt when they shot at her but when we got her we found a puncture wound on her belly and she has several small wounds on her head and neck that we are treating as well. She also had a clogged nostril that we cleaned out tonight and the dumb guy that got her from the hunters was shooting squirrels on his prch and giving them to her, she will be eating f/t mice from now on and she is currently sitting on her heat pad and taking in her new surroundings! We plan to fatten her up and spoil her rotten!1 As some of you know awhile back my husband and I rescued our 1st ggressive boas and they were severly mistreated and neglected with mouth rot and severe behaviour issues. We lost the female due to her condition being so bad when we got her and the male who struck at us and tried everything he could to bite us is now as sweet as a kitten. We were the 1st ones to hold him in 3 yrs..he had been kept in a rubbermaid tote his whole life and poked with a snake hook. So we are hoping for such wonderful results with this beautiful creature! :) We believe she is a female! :) An suggestions for names???

10/04/10  10:56pm

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