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 Illright guys its time

I havent been on in awhile but these days i have a 6-7’ Red Tail and a huge Savanna Monitor. My Water dragon passed away recently after 8 years with her. I am looking into my next pet here and im gonna go with a Green Tree Python after years of debate, it always gets put off tell i believe it is time. I would like to know a few things here. 1) as an adult would a 4x4x2 (LxHxD) or would that be to big cause its a beautiful custome built cage and id love to use it. 2) what should i use as a baby to hold it in. 3) Iv always feed live mice to my snakes and id love to keep that going would that be ok? I have a great misting system so how many times should i use that a day. I know all about them iv done more research on these then i can hold in my head lol. Any other words from you pros cause id love the help to raise it to be amazing. I know you say they cant be held but im gonna try it starting as a baby anyways and see what i can do i figure il take the bits as a baby before it growns fangs from death. Thanks guys

09/14/10  10:08am


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 Illright guys its time

I strongly suggest getting a hold of the book, "the more complete chondro" auth. greg maxwell. it is the best book on the market and will walk you through the best answers to some of your questions, I have put up a few posts with a lot of information about GTP’s, I will track them down and reply to your post later when I have more time. but for now, specifically with your caging, allot of people insist on using "tall" terrariums for GTP’s, since they are arboreal, but with that allot of people struggle to maintain the proper temperature gradient, and humidity levels. some of the best breeders use about a 4x2x2 for adult females and 3x2x2 for adult females, (lxhxw). I wouldn’t recomend putting a hatchling in your 4x4x2 but you could get away with putting an adult in there, if you are experienced enough to maintain the temperature gradient. I consider myself pretty experienced and had trouble in the one 4x4 that I had, its tough. believe it or not baby’s thrive well in the "yearling arboreal tubs" I only recomend these because if plan on using your large terrarium it is a cheeper alternative to another terrarium and you can use it till the snake is a year or so old and then move it to the big with out to much trouble. and despite popular belief you can hold these beauties, you have to start handling them (very carefully though) when they reach about 6 months. the reason people don’t handle is because they are very easily injured when young and once they are old enough to handle with out too much risk to injury it is very difficult to "tame" them. If this is your first, what locality are you considering? I would recommend looking for a 6 month to 1 year old ARU, Aru localities are of the most docile, and easiest to handle, however, due to there docile nature they don’t have a "strong feeding response" (typically). sorong’s and Biaks have a strong feeding response, but are typically more aggressive and therefore harder to handle.
hope this helps, I will write more later.

09/15/10  02:34am


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 Illright guys its time

I strongly agree with Scimma.... I am new to GTP’s but I have been doing research and trying to do my best to take care of my 4 year old GTP.. Im not 100% sure what localities he is... I found him in the pennysaver fo 175 and had to go and look at him.. He wasn’t in great shape and the guys wasn’t using reptile subtrate.. more like something for hamsters cage bedding... he also had a really bad shed and he was only feeding him once a month.. so he wasn’t that happy. So I got him down to 150 and gave hm a better home with all the rats he can eat. I havn’t really tryed to handle him.. Im trying to take it very slow so there in time I might be able to handle him but if not he still is a beautiful snake and maybe in a few years when I have the space and the time... I might endup buiding a bigger cage and tracking down a female... I would probaly sell most or the babys but I would love to keep one a raise it myself... I still hope in time my will settle down and will be ok to handle atleast for vet visists and when moving comes around. If you decided to get one best of luck and I hope you find the same enjoyment out of keeping one as I do.

09/22/10  10:25am

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