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Snake master pat
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 Info please

So i already posted this message in the snakes in general forum but i thought it might be better to post it here
so there is this reptile expo that will be near me September 12. Im pumped and im realy excited because im hopping to get a new pet snake. I realy want something that is arboreal and different from my other snakes. Right now I have a healthy ball python and a boa constrictor, and at my work i am liable for the local reptile and amphibian exhibit. The two snakes that I am looking at are jungle carpet pythons or green tree pythons!~

Pleas share your thoughts and any good advice about these two snakes would be greatly appreciated.

07/16/10  08:43am


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 Info please

Jungle carpet pythons are much better at taming down and being handled IMO... they do get larger and need appropriate housing...but the tree pythons are generally bitey and aggressive and are more of a display item.

What your able to offer and provide as far as creature comforts will have a lot to do with it. Both are rewarding in their own way...but I wouldn’t be inclined to walk my tree python around the yard as I do my Retic......

I am not an expert ... but I tend to like the larger pythons for the ease of feeding and the handling abilities. Quite possibly the wow factor too...However I can see myself sitting in a room of glass display enclosures watching the tree pythons contemplate their next meal. Raising small birds would be a great hobby to feed the tree pythons too. For now I raise rabbits and rats...


07/18/10  06:05pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2163341

 Info please

Jungles get bigger and need more space. Tree pythons have a reputation of being aggressive(ive never had one but have heard tell)...Personally if I had the money and wanted a really impressive display animal the tree python is the ticket..But I just got a nice little JCP and couldnt be happier, she is a bit nervous and struck a few times but not really that bad considering.Im sure she will tame down nicely.I dont think you can go wrong with either one...Better yet get both:)

07/24/10  06:44pm

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