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do you think i should get a carpet and green tree and get carpondro or is it a waste of time

03/21/10  07:18pm


Nelson jacobson
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  Message To: Ballpythonbreeder1   In reference to Message Id: 2134810


I wouldn’t say its a waste of time...just not practical. have you ever keep either snake? it can be done however if it were easy there would be alot more carpondros for sale.

04/09/10  04:30pm


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  Message To: Nelson jacobson   In reference to Message Id: 2139480


More people want to make them than actually seem to want to own them. So... waste of time kind of sums it up, I guess. I’m not particularly anti-hybrid or anything, but you’ve got to think in terms of what you’re actually going to do with them after they hatch. People like carpets. People like chondros. People like the idea of a snake that combines the best features of both, but when they actually LOOK at a typical carpondro, which is neither fish nor fowl, they simply don’t tend to be drawn toward it.
Oh, they still want them, just not THAT one. They want a glow-in-the-dark bright green snake that has beautiful black and yellow patterning all over it, and odds are that’s not what yours are going to look like. Hybrids are, by most, considered worthless as breeder-stock, so if it’s not flashy enough to get by on just its looks it’s coming into life with a bit of a handicap, you know?
Me, I keep getting really tempted to breed my humungous red bull snake to a milk or corn and see some Turbos. But again, same problem.

05/04/10  01:41am

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