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 A Few Questions About Carpets

Okay, I’m not new the reptile or snake keeping. But I’m just finding a lot of conflicting information on carpets, so I thought I would ask.

I’m thinking about possibly getting on in the near future. I was curious what the biggest species was, how big it gets, and if 4ft x 4ft x 4ft is large enough for the largest? Also, what’s the general temperament? I’ve heard everything some very docile to evil.

01/26/10  02:35am


Red Ink AUS
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 A Few Questions About Carpets

First thing you got to ask yourself is which Morelia sub-species then whether you want a locality pure, or hybrid, or morph specimen? All of which will have an effect on size and temperment.

01/26/10  04:46pm


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  Message To: Red Ink AUS   In reference to Message Id: 2117565

 A Few Questions About Carpets

As far as temperament, each snake is different, so you’re bound to here different things from different people. Also, how much handling the snake gets is going to affect that. I have a jungle carpet python that is docile as they come. But I know a guy who bought two of his sisters, and they try to take his hand off every time he opens the cage.. so its relative. 4x4x4 is probably going to be good for any carpet python. That’s 16 sq feet of floor space. I don’t know of any carpet that gets 16’ long (the rule being one sq foot of floor space for each foot of snake). You’re going to have to pick your sub-species to know how to exactly set up the enclosure. 4x4 is a little extreme for most of these snakes. I think a coastal can reach about 10’. Jungles can get up to 8’ at max. Good luck.

01/29/10  05:26am


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  Message To: ReptileJay   In reference to Message Id: 2118325

 A Few Questions About Carpets

Most female coastals and many male coastals will outgrow a four foot cage. The longest horizonatal measurement should be at least two thirds their length. The square-foot system isn’t as reliable, because a foot of big snake fills a lot more space than a foot of smaller, skinnier snake. It would be a great cage for a jungle carpet, though.

02/03/10  03:08am

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