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 Possible Respiratory Infection

So I believe my jungle carpet python has a respiratory infection. I just bought him at a exotic animal show in Illinois and it was probably 30 degrees or so outside and not too warm inside the warehouse either. Im guessing the snake probably could of picked it up that day. He is only a baby carpet python about 10 inches long. I have tried feeding him 3 times this week, both live and frozen and all have failed. I keep him in a small rubbermaid enclosure with a heat pad under one side, he has hidebox, waterdish, and aspen bedding. I notice the other day too when I handled him he made some weird breathing noises like a stuffy noise. Also when I opened his mouth a some liquid came out. What should I do to try and get rid of it?

12/27/09  02:23pm


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 Possible Respiratory Infection

You need to take him to a vet. RIs are VERY serious, not to mention contagious.
They don’t catch it in just one day. It kind of takes a while for them to get one (probably from being kept constantly too cold).
Also, STOP trying to feed him. Offer food once a week, if they don’t take it, offer it again next week. Throwing food in his face constantly will stress him out. It sounds like your snake needs serious medical help. Get that thing to a vet asap.

12/28/09  12:03am

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