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I have had this nasty rash for around over a month now and i didnt know what it was and i have been to the doctor many times and they said i had the hoof and mouth disease, which sounded silly to me but i took the medicine anyway. It didn’t help at all and today i was feeding one of my snakes (male red tail boa) and noticed a small black mite crawling on his face. I quickly checked the cage and they where all over, i checked the other reptile cages (2 other snakes and a bearded dragon) and sure enough the black mites where there too. I also have rats but im not sure if they have them too or not. I’m not sure what to do or how to get rid of them, all of my reptiles r infected, possibly my rats, dogs, cats, etc as well, and me. Please help

12/05/09  01:19am


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i was reciently told that lice treatment for people works greatfor treating mites. i have tried this myself and as long as you do not over-treat them, you should be fine. there are some pesticide-free versions as well which most of the time contain a silicon-type oil which is not harmful to the reptile. aslo, any bedding must be taken out and i would vaccum the enclosure, then scrape the corners with a butter knife, then vaccum again then bleach the enclosure. mites suck and you have to be persistent. also a temporary bedding would be good, such as toilet paper or paper towels ripped up in the bottom and should be changed out every 2-3 days for about 2 weeks so make sure they are not present. treating the enclosure with the lice treatment is also not a bad idea, but if you do, remove the water source for about a day so that the rept. does not ingest the treatment. like i said, this works for me.

12/11/09  02:43am


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Go to your local reptile store and get PAM (provent a mite) take your snake out of his cage and everything else... what ever you have as bedding throw it away and spray everything else with pam and leave it for 2 hours. DON’T spray water bowls with it.

in the mean while put your snake in warm water and add a few drops of dishwasher soap to it. what this does, it takes all the air pockets out of the water and drowns the mites. Leave your snake in there for the 2 hours and you should see some mites in the water when you are done.. then clean your snake with a towel.
Use paper towels as bedding for now so that you can see the dead mites on them, but spray them with pam when you spray the cage.
do this once a week as necessary. I got rid of mites in a day doing this, and I didn’t have to do it again and I haven’t have any other mites problems.

12/29/09  06:42pm


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hes right on the money that what i do to a t

01/28/11  07:18pm

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