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 Macklots Python- need info

Well i found this beatiful Macklots python at a nearby reptile store for $120. he’s about 4ft long and gentle as a bunny once he’s out of his cage. I really want to buy him mainly out of sympathy since they have had him in a very small cage for about 6 Months!
but first i would like to have more information on their care requirements and your experience with them, if i could get some pics of your cage set up, that’d be great!

10/21/09  02:28pm


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 Macklots Python- need info

I just actully put up a thing about a macklot python. Makelot python are aggresive snakes are take a while to tame but they can be tamed. They are like any other python with cage requirements, he should be in a 40 gallon tank and have a spot light in the day time and a heating pad under his hide. They do love to climb so some fake plants would be awsome. not many people have these snakes but they are a great snake and very interesting. I hope this helped a little

07/25/10  07:35pm

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