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 Super Dwarf Retic

I’m getting a Super Dwarf Retic later this year when the breeder has some babies. I already have a plan for an adult cage, but need some suggestions for a good way to keep it till it will be ready for an adult cage. I don’t want to stress it out by putting it in a cage that is too big. Also are all the other requirements the same between the mainland retics and the super dwarfs, other than obviously it wouldn’t need a cage as big as a mainland would.

01/31/15  06:09pm


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  Message To: Cthulhucometh   In reference to Message Id: 2312145

 Super Dwarf Retic

The care is the same... temps for my dwarf are maintained at 82 low 85 high and if he climbs on the hide he is only inches away from the radiant heat panel(ceiling mounted) I need to get my temp gun out and measure that area ...
Temp Gun

Now my dwarf is 9’ 8" and he has stayed at that length for over 5 years. I think he is full grown. (sarcastic) he is slender and supposedly a male but he will eat a 5-6lb rabbit with relative ease.

Dont let them get hungry to the point they strike at anything that moves. Feed them well. feed them often.
Train them with a paper towel roll or a snake hook or an old golf club putting iron. Let them know it is not food ...or it is time for food when you decide to make the decision to offer food.

Not sure what age yours is so if you have more questions I hope I have an answer

02/04/15  09:37pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2312180

 Super Dwarf Retic

Forgot to mention cage size. I never heard of a snake getting stressed out by having to large an enclosure... as long as they have plenty of hides and you can heat it adequately. 20 long is way to small IMO ...but a 40 breeder might be nice to start with...
Of course a rack system setup with a simple tub will also do if you like that idea... If you have the funds build a rack with different size tubs ...small .. large...add heat tape and a cheap thermostat and you are set for life.

There are other forums to visit and Facebook pages

02/04/15  09:44pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2312181

 Super Dwarf Retic

Hey I have a baby retic and I have him in a clear tub and put holes in it with paper towels as a bed and some hides and a heat sources and some water and he’s adjusted fine wetting the paper towels controls humidity and air flow regulates ur temp hope that helps some

04/02/15  01:38am

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