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 Retics escaped!

I had two Retics escape today! My 7 footer and a little baby whose no more than a month old. I’m not worried about the big guy(squirt) but I need ideas for the baby..

07/14/14  11:44am


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  Message To: Nightshift   In reference to Message Id: 2307248

 Retics escaped!

Look in dark tight spots. Just hope you have no cracks or anything in the walls or floor because they go in and won’t come out. Everyone seems to lose a reptile once in a while lol I lost my adult monitors and found them basking in the backyard on the bench and cement. But I lost my burmese once and found him under my large pile of clothes I hugged him because I was relieved but he hissed in dissapointment. So look under things,dark places and quiet places and also relax while your doing this it helps trust me and set up cameras.

07/14/14  10:59pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2307276

 Retics escaped!

My 10 foot dwarf retic got into the AC ducting via a floor vent in the bathroom ... I turned my back on him for 5 minutes while he soaked with the door clean his cage. when I got back he was gone and I couldn’t believe he got all the way down into the basement some 30 feet away....just damn crazy

It was easy to get him out but I had to repair the ducting and re assemble it.

I sure hope you find the little 1...they are eating machines even when they are small so set a small rat in a wire cage and allow the snake to find it ....they will hunt at night ...get yer headlamp on and pretend you are STEVE IRWIN ....

Set out some water in a bowl big enough for him to soak in

Best of Luck

07/26/14  02:49pm

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